Our Clients' Results

Faith Christian Fellowship Church, Owings Mills, Maryland

Subject of Presentation: Using Census Records to Find Family Members
Challenge:  The limited amount of time allotted for the presentation.
Solution: Discussed only five basic genealogical steps.
Outcome: Twenty-five people, new to genealogy, attended and at the end were able to locate and understand basic information found in census records.

Reginald Lewis Museum of African American History and Culture, Baltimore, Maryland

Subject of Presentation: The African American Community in Sparrows Point, Maryland
Challenge: Locating documentary sources which spoke to the African American presence during an era of racist practices.
Solution: Oral histories, personal artifacts and local newspaper articles were creatively used to compensate for the absence.
Outcome: At least 30 attendees gained a unique perspective on this historic, but no longer extant community just outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

Sojourner-Douglass College, Baltimore, Maryland

Subject of Presentations: Introduction to Genealogy and Unsung African American Heroes
Challenge: Students, not all of whom were interested in genealogy or history, were required to attend.
Solution: For the genealogy session, students looked for their family members in census records. For the unsung heroes session, the founder of the United Negro College Fund and the educator for whom a local university, Coppin State, was named were presented and discussed.
Outcome: The sessions were successful because subjects were selected that the students could relate to.

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society National Conference, Little Rock, Arkansas

Subject of Presentation: The Jeanes Teachers, Unsung Southern Educators
Challenge: Presenting what was a master’s thesis in an informative and entertaining manner.
Solution: Numerous old photos depicting life in rural African American communities were included in the PowerPoint presentation.

well-dressed man with bowler and cane. circa 1880
Sartorial Splendor, circa 1880.

Weinberg Senior Center, Pikesville, Maryland

Subject of Presentation: The African American Community of Fells Point, Maryland
Challenge: Making the subject interesting to elderly Jewish men with little knowledge of or concern for African American History.
Solution: Focusing on the cross-cultural connections between the African American and Jewish communities of Fells Point
Outcome: An abundance of enthusiasm and exchange of information was generated.